Question???   The name is Patti, Patricia, Pat, Trisha, Frank (like the bunny), Donut, Timbit (yes I'm Canadian) or whatever you prefer.

I'm a lover of Sora, Jill Valentine, and Cloud Strife, Elizabeth Comstock, the guy/pirate man with the blue flame who sells you stuff in Resident Evil 4 that I have deemed 'Eddie because he needed a name, Lulu and all her sassy sass, and various other video game characters.
Randomness about almost everything.

Currently obsessed with this show about these clones. And another show about this girl Amy and her bff karma. It's a comedy but it's also possibly the most heart wrenching thing I've ever seen. Also I just introduced my friend to OITNB, I feel proud.

Have a quotable quote: "Thinking of you, wherever you are."

Here's another "I watch you fast asleep"

They are from the same thing, ironically

You should know I have very dry humorous ways, but if you read all of this you probably already know

Also you read all of this!


American Horror Story, people of The Murder House (“Pilot”)

American Horror Story, people of The Murder House (“Pilot”)

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